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07.30.16 | Tony + Berna | Nasugbu, Batangas

Photo and Video : Nice Print

This is one event that surprised us this year. We've encountered "rush" bookings. Usually it would just be on the day supervision. But for this event, we have been contracted two weeks prior to an out of town wedding. About 5 days before the event, client decided to book the flowers ( entourage, ceremony and reception ), bridal car, quartet and cupcakes through us. Our partner suppliers came through even with such short notice, because of passion, professionalism and trust.



07.22.16 | NICA's ENCHANTED EVENING| Quezon City

Event Management a : Lifestyle Party Planners
Debutant's Room : Fernwood Gardens
Reception Venue : Fernwood Gardens
Photographer : Wally Gonzales
Videographer : Wally Gonzales

Five years ago, we were priviledged to service this family with their first debutante, Nikki. At that time, Nica was a supportive little sister who had sparkle in her eyes that were set on having her own debut in a few years.

2016 arrived, it was Nica's year to celebrate her debut. Once again, we are honored to be entrusted with the youngest's debut. We were booked just about a month before the event, since their mom was based abroad. We wasted no time in preparing this special evening.

Photos featured are not from the official photographer

nica 1

nica 2

nica 3

nica 4

03.07.16 | MICHAEL+MINNIE| Makati City

Classification : Social event
Event Management : Lifestyle Party Planners
Bridal Room : Dusit Thani
Ceremony and Reception Venue : North Forbes Park
Photographer : Crimson Shot
Videographer : Crimson Shot

Michael and Minnie are based abroad. We communicated mostly online via chat or email. We only met twice during the week of the wedding. During those meetings it was comprehensive enough since we already tackled most online. Our bride was very cooperative and vocal, which we appreciate very much.






08.05.15 | BALIUAG UNIVERSITY | Baliuag, Bulacan
Classification : Corporate event
Event Management and Production : Lifestyle Party Planners
Photographer : NicePrint
Videographer : NicePrint
Entertainment : Students of Baliuag University

This event came as a surprise for us. Met the client roughly one month before the event. They officially booked us 3 week before this major event! No, this wasn't something like for on the day coordination. This covered from start to finish of the entire event. What we only have was the venue, nothing more. We conceptualized the styling of the entire main campus and program, including the shoots for the AVP to be shown during the program. The music has to be thought out really well. A formal academic affair beyond the formalities of a graduation. What made this tricky, this will be attended by Presidents , Chairpersons and Deans from the different universities and colleges! This was a full production - conceptualized and delivered in three weeks!

For an event to be as successful as this, one needs a strong team -- not just the staff but the pool of suppliers who can work with you and not against you. A team who will support you when the going gets tough.

The challenge for us, was to work under great pressure due to the time given to prepare for this event, which we managed to successfully deliver.

12.23.14 | Carlo & Mariflor | Tagaytay Highlands, Tagaytay City
Classification : Social event
Planning and coordination : Lifestyle Party Planners
Bridal Room : Tagaytay Highlands
Caterer : Tagaytay Highlands
Photographer : Lifestyle Pictures Presents by Lifestyle Party Planners
Videographer : Lifestyle Pictures Presents by Lifestyle Party Planners
Entertainment :SJT Strings
Emcee : Chacha Datu of Lifestyle Party Planners
Service Package : Exquisite Service Package

Watch the SDE here.

Another overseas based client. They were both based in the United States. The bride came in ten days before the wedding while the groom arrived just a few days before. The greatest challenge from our end was the prenup photo shoot. The schedule was really, really tight. From shooting day to the production of the guestbook itself. Not to mention the bad weather we were confronted with during our prenup! But the day ended quite better than expected.

Considering that this was a destination wedding, both family's preparation rooms were just a building apart. Everything went well from the bridal room up to the reception.

These two lovebirds have been together for the longest time and waited until their time has come. Though based abroad, they chose to celebrate their wedding here in the Philippines together with their family and friends.



01.05.14 | JIK + MEG | Enderun

Classification : Social event
Planning and coordination : Lifestyle Party Planners
Bridal Room : Oakwood Premier - Joy Nostalg
Caterer : Enderun
Photographer : Jamie Lihan of Imagine Nation
Videographer : Blacktie
Entertainment : Sound Salad
Emcee : Chacha Datu of Lifestyle Party Planners
Service Package : Exquisite Service Package

Watch the SDE here.

The couple is based in Singapore when they booked me. They've flown to the Philippines twice at the most before wedding day. They are both architects and are quite particular with every detail of the wedding. The couple and I worked online, through countless emails and skype. Though the ceremony and reception happened in one location, we had the challenge to traffic some 300 or so guests from the rites to the cocktails area, where some musicians, the mobile bar and the photobooth is located. Once cocktails were over, we had to direct the guests to the tent for the reception proper where the rest of the team were waiting by the registration table. The guests were kept busy and entertained from cocktails all the way to the reception!



12.08.13| Ike and Tanya | Montecito, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Planning and coordination : Lifestyle Party Planners
Bridal Room : Paseo Premier, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Caterer : The Plaza
Photographer : Franie Wei
Videographer : Franie Wei
Entertainment : client's friend
Emcee : Arnel Ignacio
Service Package : Grace Service Package

This account was endorsed to me around two weeks before the event by one of my coordinator friends who had to turn over this account to me due to some family affair. I had to work closely with the client due to their busy schedules. I met the couple twice before wedding day. Like any big wedding, the challenge was to traffic the guests in an orderly fashion from the cocktails area down to the reception located on the clubhouse's sprawling garden! Not to mention the weather. It was drizzling on and off at the reception. We had to haul the guests from the garden to the covered area and continue the program in between. At the end of the evening, it was a day to remember in the lives of Ike and Tanya surrounded by their family and friends in celebration of their union.



08.25.12 | Nico's Prom Night | The Manila Hotel

Planning and Production : Lifestyle Party Planners
Production Design : 4th Wall under Lifestyle Party Planners
Photo and Video : Dizon Films

nico6 nico7 nico9
nico8 nico12 nico13
nico2 nico14  

12.18.12 | Bondz + Chalae | Sanctuario de San Antonio | The Manila Polo Club

Planning and Coordination : Lifestyle Party Planners
Photo and Video : Nice Print
Sounds and Lights : LST Mobile
Emcee : Chacha Datu of Lifestyle Party Planners

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06.24.12 | Izzy + Jen | Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Planning and Coordination : Lifestyle Party Planners
Photo : Dino Lara
Video : Blacktie
Emcee : Chacha Datu of Lifestyle Party Planners

Another lovely couple based abroad. They entrusted planning their big day with Lifestyle as I've met the couple just a few days before the event. We communicated via email and chat all throughout. It was an exciting journey for these two lovebirds.

izzyandjen4 izzyandjen5 izzyandjen7
izzyandjen1 izzyandjen3 izzyandjen2
izzyadjen6 izzyandjen8 izzyandjen11
izzyandjen10 izzyandjen14 izzyandjen28
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03.10.06 | Leonardo - Gonzales Wedding | Fernwood Gardens